Iconic Simmons Christmas Lights Show
Goes Dark This Holiday Season 2016

It deeply saddens our hearts to announce that the Grinch has stolen the Simmons Family’s Dancing Christmas Lights Show on Estio Road in Cathedral City, California for the 2016 Christmas season!

The lights show and annual Santa Claus Visit event have been cancelled due to unresolved issues with the City of Cathedral City, California. The City continues to violate our Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights that are afforded to every U.S. citizen by the U.S. Constitution.

How You Can Help!How You Can Help!

Please contact and voice your support for us to the following mayor, city councilmembers, and city officials Cathedral City, CA. Note: Even if you do not live in Cathedral City, you still have a voice and let it be heard!

Mayor Stan Henry
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: SHenry@cathedralcity.gov

Mayor Pro-Tem Gregory S. Petis
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: GPettis@cathedralcity.gov

Councilmember John Aguilar
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: JAguilar@cathedralcity.gov

Councilmember Mark Carnevale
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: MCarnevale@cathedralcity.gov
Councilmember Shelley Kaplan
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: SKaplan@cathedralcity.gov

City Manager Charlie McClendon
Phone: 760-770-0372
Email: CMcClendon@cathedralcity.gov

Code Compliance Manager Pat Milos
Phone: 760-770-0319
Email: PMilos@cathedralcity.gov

Click here to view the official November 29, 2016 press release.